Frequently Asked Questions 

Are there additional costs per private jet rental passenger?

There are no additional costs per passenger.

At AeroVentures Charters, we base our private jet rental prices per hour, not per guest.

The AeroVentures Pricing Estimator

If you would like to estimate the cost of a private jet charter, use our AeroVentures pricing estimator page. It lists the most common estimates based on destination and aircraft type. And you can always enter customized data to get an estimate for a specific destination

Additional Concierge Charges

We do charge for some of our additional concierge services, such as in-flight catering and entertainment, hotel bookings and ground transportation. We know our clients’ time is precious, so we offer the value and convenience of “one-stop-shopping” through our Trip Support team. When you book a flight with AeroVentures Charters, we can take care of all the logistics, including booking hotels, meeting spaces, limousines and tickets to special events. That way you can relax, and enjoy your trip.

Empty Leg Charters

Also, since we charge per hour, not per passenger, there are travel bargains to be found with our Empty Leg Flights. Many of our private jet rental flights are one-way, and then we need to move the aircraft to a new destination. To reduce the costs of flying an empty aircraft, we offer discounts to travelers with flexible itineraries. Clever passengers will sometimes split the cost with their fellow travelers, thereby reducing the cost for everyone on the flight.  


Can I bring my pets on planes with me?

Yes, we strive to accommodate all travelers, even pets. Here are some considerations for pets on planes:

Pets on Domestic Flights

We recommend looking at the whole trip, not just the flight. Your pet may need:

  • additional ground transportation

  • accommodation in a pet-friendly hotel

  • travel crate, food, water and toys

  • leash, collar, muzzle & other restraints

  • pet medication

  • waste disposal bags

Pets on International Flights

It’s crucial to note that many countries have special requirements that must be fulfilled before you can legally bring your pet into that country. This could include:

  • Obtaining a health certificate

  • Updating vaccinations

  • Administering medications

For example, dogs and cats traveling to the United Kingdom are required to have:

  • EU Pet Passport

  • Microchip

  • EU Health Certificate

  • Rabies vaccination and tapeworm treatment


The first step is to check with your veterinarian. Give yourself plenty of lead time to ensure all of the necessary paperwork is processed before you leave. One of the most important requirements is obtaining an International Health Certificate, also known as a Pet Passport, which will include your pet’s:

  • Name

  • Breed and description

  • Age

  • Country of origin

  • Owner contact information

  • Vaccination records

  • Prescriptions for medication

  • Health status

Ideally, you should arrange to have Pet Passports issued as close to your departure date as possible.

For more detailed information on the travel requirements for bringing pets on planes into specific countries, visit the US Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection (APHIS) website.

Can I make last minute changes to my itinerary?

If your plans need to change, we will do everything in our power to accommodate the changes. One of the benefits of hiring AeroVentures Charters is that we have much more flexibility than commercial airlines and can provide many more air charter services.

We have two teams that can help you.

Here is a brief description of each:

Charter Sales Agents 

This is the initial contact team. They evaluate your travel needs to identify the appropriate aircraft type for your travel plan. Pricing is determined by aircraft availability, its position related to the intended departure location and the position of where the aircraft needs to be after performing the customer’s flight.   

Trip Support Team

Once the aircraft has been selected, Trip Support works with the customer, the air carrier and all concierge service providers to organize all of the travel details. Trip Support is responsible for coordinating:

  • Departure time

  • Departure and arrival at the Fixed Base departure location

  • Ensuring assigned crew members meet Aeroventures experience requirements

  • Making sure the insurance is current and everyone is protected

  • Coordinating all concierge services

In reference to last-minute itinerary changes, any changes would go through the Trip Support Team.

Our customers often have demanding flight itineraries that can change quickly. They’ve come to appreciate knowing there’s an entire team of people focused on organizing all the details of their trip. AeroVentures Charters wants to provide our clients with consistently outstanding air charter service and an impeccable safety record.