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Basic - VFR - "E" Non-Controlled Airspace

This program is for those who wish to fly into NON-CONTROLLED AIRSPACE ONLY. This would include Sussex, (FWN), Andover - Aeroflex, (12N), Stroudsburg - Pocono, (N53), and Randall, (06N), N.Y.

The program is based on the assumption the student will complete the course outlined in (90) days or less.

  • (13) Hours of Flight Instruction (pre-solo)
  • (3) Hours of cross country Flight Instruction
  • (1) Hour of local supervised solo flight time
  • (2) Hours of solo local flight time
  • (3) Hours of solo cross country flight time
  • (2) Hours of Flight Instruction in preparation for the FAA Practical Flight Check
  • (7) Hours Ground Instruction (briefing/debriefing)
  • RATES:
    Flight Instruction - Aircraft$140 x 19 =2,660
    Ground Instruction60/hr x 7 =420
    Aircraft - Solo Rate:80/hr x 6 =480
    Sport Pilot Kit* (headset additional) 119
    COURSE TOTAL $3,679 **

    * Price with Sport Pilot Course only

    ** THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE FAA FLIGHT CHECK BY A PRIVATE EXAMINER OF $350 AND AIRCRAFT RENTAL - GENERALLY 1 - 1/2 HOUR FLIGHT DURATION NOTE: This course is based on an average and is NOT a guarantee that every student will complete the program in the content presented. However, variables such as weather, frequency of lessons, aptitude and ability may extend hourly requirements.

Airport 1N7 - Aero Ventures - NJ

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