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To obtain a sport pilot certificate you must pass 3 FAA tests. There is a written exam on rules, regulations, and how planes fly. The second test is an oral test on much the same material and the third test is the practical test of your flying skills.

Your sport pilot training will start with a preflight briefing by your certified flight instructor. The two of you will do a preflight check of the light sport aircraft to assure that the plane is ready for flight. After the preflight you will climb into the left seat and your instructor will climb into the right seat. Your instructor will brief you on the flight controls and the insturments in the aircraft after which you will taxie to the runway and launch your dream of becoming a pilot skyward.

Your first sport pilot training flight will teach you the basics of how to control the aircraft. Your instructor will demonstrate actions, then you will perform the same action. When you land it will seem like you only took off only moments ago.

After landing your certified flight instructor will discuss with you how the flight went, and things to think about for the future. The post flight debrief is an important part of learning to fly and will happen after each flight.

Before you know it you will be flying on your own, able to do what less than 1/2 percent of humans can do.....FLY! A sport pilot may exercise flight privileges in one or more of the following aircraft categories:

  • Airplane (single-engine only)
  • Glider
  • Lighter-than-air (airship or balloon)
  • Rotorcraft (gyroplane only)
  • Powered Parachute
  • Weight-Shift control aircraft(e.g. Trikes)
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